Cretan Gastronomy

Crete. The island that inspired and contributed to the genesis of the ‘Mediterranean Diet’; the approach of eating and enjoying shows us the way to a better quality of life and well-being. The experience of Cretan gastronomy will enlighten your travel soul forever. Dishes one can taste today, are old dishes one could reasonably have enjoyed thousands of years ago, as far back as the Minoan Era. This longevity is perhaps the best recommendation for this approach to comestibles. The Mediterranean diet is one with a magnificent pedigree: it has a Past, a Present and at Pepi Boutique Hotel, a Future.

Gastronomy at Pepi Boutique Hotel
Food is not just a fuel for our body. Its preparation and presentation is an art, a creative expression of love and the sharing of love, for us here at Pepi Boutique Hotel. Here you have the opportunity to taste the outcome of myriads of meals and experiments of all those unknown cooks working daily down the centuries as history was being made and cultural heritage fashioned to reach todays, Cretan Gastronomy. 

Pepi Buffet Breakfast
The best day starts with a good breakfast, fresh orange and pomegranate juice, coffee or tea. Our breakfast options including the standard Intercontinental breakfast are: Cretan breakfast. The Linear B tablets of Minoan Crete show us that the Cretan four thousand years ago consumed cheese, yoghurt, eggs, breads, cereal, olives, rusks, herbal mountain tea, fresh goats milk, smoked pork and of course the renown thyme honey of Crete.

Vegan breakfast. Fruit-in season and dried fruits, nuts, pulses, fresh breads, soya, and coconut milk.

Brunch – Lunch
Refined tastes and gastronomy by our chef. A variety of colourful, enticing horderves for you to enjoy. Sun kissed fresh vegetables and greens, in extra virgin organic olive oil, dressed with nuts or variety of local cheeses and even honey. A variety of fresh salads, Cretan and exotic. Freshly handmade Pasta, with goats cheese, spices and herbs (Skioufichta). A variety of meat and poultry, deliciously seasoned and served, captivating the essence of the aromas, tastes and textures of Crete.

The people of Crete have a very unique relationship with scent and taste. While eating and drinking, if the scent and the taste is pleasant, they hear it. If it is unpleasant only then they smell the unpleasantry. It is vital for us in Pepi Boutique Hotel for you to hear all of Crete while eating the dishes we have so carefully chosen to prepare for you.

Kali Orexi (Bon appetit)!

Wine cellar
Grapes have been utilized in Crete already by 5000 B.C. Remnants of grape seeds have been found in vessels dating back to the Early Bronze age. Wine constitutes along with meat, bread the fundamental part of the very well known food trilogy of the Homeric banquets and meals. The Cretan wine is a pedigree, Crete is the most important vinicultural district of Greece. Its geographical situation and particular soil conditions make the Cretan wine exceptional.

Embark on a journey with us to the world of wine. In our wine cellar you will find numerous labels to explore and enjoy. Taste the wine of Crete, taste Dionysus, taste the wine that was enjoyed by Egyptian Pharaohs, Homeric Gods and heroes, Roman generals, Christians of East and West the wine that allured Ottomans…the wine that is either ancient as the Minoans, famous as the Greeks or married with the renown French vines.

For us here in Pepi Boutique Hotel, sharing a glass of wine with someone, we forge a promise of hospitality and friendship.  

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